The Wind Chime

真っ黒な夜 終わりの足音

一人の夜 眠り誘うワイン


グラスが冷める前に 深い眠りに連れてってよ






あなたが冷める前に あなたの元を去りたいの



星々瞬く今夜は 今夜だけは

二人の 二人きりの世界を

I’m the second

I’m the second one


真っ黒な夜 一人の夜 あなたのことを…

In the pitch-black night, footsteps signal the end

The wine pulls me towards sleep in this solitary night


Pull me into deep sleep before the glass gets cold

Before my heart rips apart


The stillness the last train left behind

The idle lambs


Let me leave before you too grow cold

Before the sadness becomes too much to stand


But just this night,
Let us be together while the stars shine

I’m the second
I’m the second one


Here in this dark night, I think of you alone…